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Sammy, great thread! Doctors are like any other group. some are jerks and some arent. The medical community has a long history of sexist behaviors that have caused great harm to women.

There was a woman scientist who went into heart research in the 1970's. at the time there were very few women leading research groups, as the grants were applied for and granted by a good old boys network and there was a very real ceiling to how far women could go in the field.
When this woman started in the lab, she was appalled to find out there were no female test animals at all, only males. She then headed up some very facinating research that proved that women did indeed suffer from heart disease, and that some things that had no effect on males would work for us and visa versa.

When MS first started to appear, it was labled 'hysterical female paralysis' for a few years (to this day many more women then men have it).

I can only imagine how the women begging for treatment for things like labia pain that is now recognized as a disease were treated for the first 10 or 20 years they complained about it.

I have always said that if men had periods, Midol would contain morphine, lol.

But I do not want it to seem like I think all men are bad or unconcerned about female interests, many male doctors as well as female have helped to drag medical thinking out of the dark ages.

In the early 1900's, a lot of doctors still thought it was sacreligious to offer pain medicine to a woman in labor, because the pain of childbirth was a curse of Eve, and it was our moral duty to endure it.

I agree that there are many many doctors who do not take female complaints of pain as seriously as they do males, and sadly, some of these doctors are women themselves and should know better. It is up to us not to tolerate it, the same way we would not tolerate racism or bigotry, and seek help elsewhere if we feel our concerns arent being adressed.

The men in pain groups can help us as well, when their wives, moms, sisters, daughters, or mothers are in pain, make sure you ask the doctors what is being done about it, and that they need to address pain as one of the vital signs, not as an afterthought.

Thanks again for the great thread!
Hugs, Fabby :angel: