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Hi I am new to this so appologies to start with.As briefly as I can I had back problems from 16 with a birth defect called Polands syndrome. To cut a very long story short I had a laminectomy 20yrs ago because of a herniated disc at L5 S1 level back pain has been part of my life.A steroid injection 12 yrs later. Another herniation two years ago which i had operated on and scar tissue removed since this I have been left with nerve damage to right leg and debilitating pain ever since. I am now about to have 1 of 2 caudal injections which th first one didnt work at all. I have since been told I have ddd and 2 of my discs have deteriorated. I cant move in the mornings because of the pain and bending twisting sitting / standing for too long etc is awful.Now I have been told that the shooting pain down my arm and tingling in my left arm and pain in discs in top of neck is possibly the same thing . I m taking paracetamol/ dihydrocodiene gabapentin and diazapam. I am thinking of having lower back discs fused to stabalize them. I took morphine before xmas but nothing seems to work. I am now 40 and 6 weeks ago i gave up work as I couldnt manage any longer wih the tiredness and the pain.Whoops that was very long. Sorry. I would appreciate any advise from fellow sufferers as to what I should do next. :confused: