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Hello there Shady, i think i've replied to the right message! it's my first time on this site or any one like it. It has taken me a while to find one like this. I live in England, i'm 36 and have been suffering with chronic back problems and pain for appx the last 4 years or so. I have problems with the discs in my lower spine, L1, L2,L4,L5 (i believe!). I had part of a disc removed after it prolapsed but apart from that only have pain relief as an option. I've been told i'm too young for surgery?? tho i find that when i mention poss surgical options doors are closed very quickly and loudly!. I have been registered disabled for 3 and a bit years, which took me a while to obtain also. I see a wonderfull pain relief consultant at the hospital, tho meds is all he can offer i take large amounts of morphine, via patch and tablet, tho quite effective has unpleasant side effects, plus other pain relievers also. I am rather limited as to how much i can take as i have 3 children at home, the youngest being 9 and whilst the other two are older 13 and 16, i have to be at least with it to be able to run my home!. I too find the pain very depressing at times and rather infuriating. It seems no matter how much reasearch i do no surgical treatment is on offer, tho i am considering now pushing for a fusion in the hope it can offer me some relief. The frustration comes into play when im told by my surgeon that a fusion or replacement disc is not an option for me, tho ironically if i was able to afford to go private i could have the said treatment/operation done and it would be my surgeon doing it !!. Has anybody else had such problems or brick walls i seem to keep coming up against?. I apologise if i have rambled on somewhat, it is just nice to be able to find somewhere where i can talk about such things and there others who understand and know what i am going thru, something i've not found often. Thank you for reading this.

Alice x
Hi there everyone thank you for your replies,
not having a good day today and didn't get alot of sleep last night so i apologise for bad spelling etc. I am now under 2 consultants 1 in Boston and 1 in Scunthorpe. Alice i think you are a similar age to me . I had first surgery 20 yrs ago a laminectomy then 2 yrs ago i had same site reoperated on beause it ruptured agin and scar tissue removed. I now have problems at c4 level so the doc thinks and he thinks its possibly ddd aswell as at L5 s1 level this is why i am seeing consultant at Scunthorpe because although i am having a caudal injection next month for lower level it is quicker i think for me to go to Scunthorpe to get neck and uppper back looked at. Sorry that all probably not amke too much sense.I hve a 9 yr old girl who's great but i wish i could do all the things i used to do without all the pain. I am gonna ake her swimming tonight so i hope i dont end up in too much pain later. I used to take morphine but it made me sooo ill. NOw i am on dihydracodiene gabapentin and diazapam.none of which are a great help just give you a bad tummy.I would really appreciate all your info on fusions at lower level as i real believe it could help elleviate some of my pain:cool:keep smiling everyone who knows they may have new back o buy in the shops real soon.