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[COLOR="Blue"]May I ask about the Opana? What dose did you settle on that you found to be better than the OC? I'm very curious.


Hi Steve!!! Thank you so very much!!! I now feel so much better, at least mentally, due to all of you! :D

With regard to the Opana, my dr. first started me on the 10mg 2x a day with tramadol for breakthrough (this is my 2nd PM dr, the first had me on either 20mg OC and 15mg Roxi for BT or 10mg OC and 30mg Roxi for the BT) so when he started me on that it obviously did nothing. My body is very odd when it comes to pain meds. For instance, if I am in the hospital morphine IV does absolutely nothing, they have to use Dilaudid IV and the last time I was in for a week they had me on 8mg Dilaudid IV every 2-4 hrs. Which would knock most people out - with me any pain med does the opposite and has me up all night for some reason, but does help with the pain.

Ok sorry I got kinda off track there...so I was on the 10mg Opana and tramadol, and the 2nd week I was on it I had a celial plexus (sp?) block for the pain (this was my 3rd block) and two days later I had a seizure (not from the Opana). The dr. took me off the tramadol b/c apparently that can cause seizures, he said it wasn't from the block b/c you can have a seizure from those but it wouldve been during the actual procedure not 2 days later. Anyhow, 20 min after I had the seizure I went to get up, and my back was in horrific pain! So now I had my tum pain and the back. I went to see him and apparently when you have a seizure you can pull every muscle in your back. I also told him the 10mg of Opana wasn't cutting it on the ab pain. So, he upped me to 20mg Opana and 10/325 of Percs.

This seemed to help a little, but not really b/c of my back as well. However, I think its just the BT meds that aren't working not the Opana. The Opana is (to FINALLY answer your question :) ) is a lot longer acting..OC to me seems to only last about 6-8 hrs where the Opana actually lasts the full 12. It just seems smoother if that makes any sense. The only problem with it is that it is expensive as there is no generic for it yet. With my insurance its $60 for a months supply, but my doc gave me a discount card from the makers which gives you $25 off each script for 12 months, so it was only $35..still a lot more than $15 which is what I usually pay. So, I go to my doc in 2 wks and I'll just see if he can change my BT to 15mg Roxi instead of the Percs. Also too b/c I don't like having to take the extra apap in them. Well, I hope this helps!

Oh to the poster who was talking about the stuff in Europe they use for adhesions - they have it here as well. When my doc did lyse my adhesions, they put the mesh material in as well to help from them forming so much. Although, they still will form but hopefully not as much.

Again, THANK YOU all so much! I feel like I'm not insane anymore! :D