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I went in for another Stellate Block on Mon and it was HORRIBLE!! For starters I was in so much pain I could barely stand it, they took me back and gave me the sedation and well that never kicked in that was the weirdest feeling ever when that needle went in. After that they took me back to recovery and my body went nuts. It took 4 nurses to hold me on the table until they could get enough Morphine in my IV to stop the muscle spasms. It was the worst experience not to mention I hurt even worse after I left, PT later that afternoon was a complete bust they couldn't even touch me. Finally this morning I woke up and felt pretty good for a change. I go back in next Fri so he can address the leg thing. In the meantime I received a phone call from a vocational lady fron WC, I didn't speak to her she just left a message. Someone told me that she is going to try and to get me a job? Know anything about this? I figured I should talk to an attorney before actually talking to her, that is if I can get a one to call me back. Then I got a letter from another attorney that has been hired by my old employer and she wants to discuss "agreements". I have not spoken with her either. Any advice?