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Thanks Ex,

I just talked to my sister and he just went into surgery. He is very grumpy, edgy, and in pain. They have him on Toradol, and morphine, and it is not enough. The doctor told my sister that he would work with them, and he mentioned Ultram. I have taken Ultram Er and it did nothing for me, so I don't think that is a suitable medication, especially given that the toradol and morphine is not working. I told my sister that she needs to suggest a pain management dr, and that it is possible to treat him, and manage his pain, but he is going to need higher dosages. They need to seek a dr who can help manage the pain for now. I am scared for my brother, as I have read that people who are on methadone for addiction, often not get their pain treated appropriately, due to drs who are afraid, or not knowledgeable.

Thank you, Ex for helping me. I will keep posting.

Thanks again Ex, I went and saw him, and he is out of surgery. I was glad I was there. Last night he said no one helped him, and he overheard that there was an order to give him fentanyl and valium, but he then was admitted and was never given the med. He said he was in so much pain that he was biting down on the blanket. They gave him morphine 10 mg i.v. and toradol and it was not enough. Finally he took his methadone and between the 3 meds it helped before the surgery, and his pain was a 6. He felt it was the methadone and the other 2 together that finally made it go down to a 6. So when he was out of surgery, the dr told him he was going to send him home with hydrocodone, and my brother was so upset and scared of going home. When I got there I suggested to the nurse that we talk to the dr about pain control and the possibility of a pain management dr. Also I talked about him sleeping, and he was getting very edgy after surgery, so I mentioned something for anxiety, and they gave him ativan, and ambien for sleep tonight. Also right before I left his dr came in and we talked about pain control and getting it under control before he left tomorrow or the next day. She was going to keep him on morphine and toradol, and now dilaudad to see if it would control his pain, and then if it did they could send him home with dilaudad orally to keep the pain under control, and also morphine orally. I was so glad I was there and pushed for him, he was very relieved that his pain was getting under control, and also his anxiety and sleep. My father and sister were there too, but they let me do the talking. I guess there is one good thing about me having chronic pain myself, I can help others sometimes.

Thank you for helping me this morning, I took what you said with me, and you helped me.