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/thanks for the prayers Diet. I slept most of the day away. as soon as the morphine wears off, I start hurting bad. The pain is on the left side of my back about 3 inches down from my bra and in the very top of my hip. Which is weird because I usually don't have pain in that area. Most of my pain is usually on the right side. I wish I could remember more about the last time I had a kidney stone. I sure remember the part in the ER OMG, I had 3 shots of morphine and it didn't do very much at all. They gave me a CT scan and said I had 4 stones and they were small enough for me to pass and the sent me home to deal with it. Horrible. Anyway I really hope thats not the problem. Kidney stones feel like a ceoss between the last stages of labor and waking up from lumbar fusion with the extra added bonus of feeling like you need to pee but can't. Anyway, thanks for your prayers and please keep praying. Maybe if we pray hard enough it will all go away. I am also praying for you. I am glad you have a new doctor who seems to be getting to the bottom of things. Take Care,:) Dee