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hi any body have allergy to morphine,i had fibroid embolisation tuesday,i had a morphine pump for the pain,first time i pressed it i started coughing,then my arm started itching where the needle was,the itching diddnt last long ,then my blood pressure dropped,nurse had to elevate my legs,couldnt sit up to dizzy,then body started to shake nurse asked if i was cold,or if i had epelepsy i said no,my breathing was very slow and when i tried to sleep i was being jolted awake like i stopped breathing,i called the nurse,and asked her if it could be the morphine she said that i havent used it for a couple of houres so it couldnt be that,i was also itching,could it have been the morphine:confused:thanks shirley
If I offend anyone I apologize but we have some of the dumbest people in the medical profession. Just because you had not had morphine for a couple of hours does not mean you were not still reacting to what you had already taken. My allergist says It takes up to 72 hours to clear something from our body & you may feel bad even longer. I'm still recovering from an allergic reaction to a med I took yesterday. I still feel so bad I can hardly sit up. Listen to your body.