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Does anybody know which is actually the `stronger` of the two: oxycodone and morphine?

I was told by my doctor that morphine is a step up from oxycodone which is apparently why I was put on the oxycodone instead. I could be wrong though, see what everyone else says :)
Milligram to milligram oxycodone is 1.5 times stronger than morphine.
At least that's what I've been told...please correct me if I have it wrong.
Yes, Oxycodone is approximately 1.5 X stronger than Morphine. Doesn't matter on the dose....It's proportional.

Many think it's the other way around because the term "morphine" sounds impressive. Also, morphine was the "original" pain med years ago, so all the conversion tables & etc. use morphine as the baseline. Oxy is a synthetic med developed specifically (as were other like hydrocodone) to address tolerance, side effects, & etc. This all goes back to the discussion on opioids vs opiates.

Morphine is one of the natural products that come from the opium poppy. It's called an alkaloid, along with codeine and thebaine.

You are probably familiar with codeine. It's much weaker than morphine.

Thebaine is the other major alkaloid found in opium. From thebaine they make oxycodone. So oxycodone is semi-synthetic, as it is derived from a natural substance.

Morphine is called the "gold standard." As Ex wrote, when they compare narcotics morphine is the one all others are compared to. In such a comparison, 15mg of morphine equals 10mg of oxycodone.