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[QUOTE=Executor;3560148]I have heard of others who say the Opana ER works well. Can you give me some more details? Does he take 2 x or 3 x? Any info you could provide would be appreciative.



Hey Ex,

I know you asked specifically about the Opana, and I don't take it, I now take the Kadian. Referesher course: LOL...

Doc changed me (at my request) from 25mcg Fentynal Patch to 12.5's then to Avinza. I took the Avinza once per day. Except for three days in the beginning when I had to be off the patch for 12-18 hours before starting the Avinza, I only took it once per day. There was a Thur-Sun that he had me take it every 12 hours, to what he called "capture" my pain. The pain was so intense, probably due to coming off of the Fentynal and having no meds in my system for 24 hours. Yeah, I wanted to play it safe, and be there was zero chance of overdose due to overlapping of the two LA drugs, so I waited 24 hours. BAD mistake on my part. It wasn't withdrawal. No runs, no fever/chills or diahreah. Just pain at a 9-10. Once again I was immobile. After two days of taking the Avinza every 12 hours, the pain settled back to my normal 5-6 and I went back about my business.

I took the Avinza for two months, and was able to at the same time reduce my Percocet down to one half to one 10/325 per day. So, this past month April 29, when I went in, I asked to be reduced again. I was at the lowest dose of Avinza (30mg), so he changed me over to Kadian 20mg.

I'm struggling a bit with the Kadian. Pain levels are back up and just yesterday I had to call and ask if I'm supposed to be taking Kadian twice a day (i.e. is it a 12 hour med) or is it just that a 10mg cut makes that much difference. He said my reduction ended up being 30% from the Avinza to the Kadian. I don't know, and have never been good with numbers. Anyway, his solution for now is to up my Percs to 3 per day if necessary because I have had to take the 2 per day as Rx'ed. I'm a bit bummed about it, and can't believe that it makes that much of a difference.

My point in all of this, (I know, the VERBOSE Diva at it again) is that the Avinza 30mg, once I got passed the inital pain of those first few days, the Avinza was WONDERFUL. And for me, perhaps b/c I was on the Mylan crappy patches, (and couldn't afford the $80/month co-pay for the brand) Avinza was a great, smooth coverage. I only really felt it wearing off at about the 15-18 hour mark, and could take a break through if I needed to. In my area, the Sandoz, and Watson are not available from the distrubutors, and have not been for a while, and this is what prompted me to discuss other options with the PM and his recommendation to change to Avinza.

Anyway, sorry for the long read. Just wanted you to know of my luck and experience with using morphine.

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