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Hi Folks, I have an appointment with my PM next month (I see him every 3 months now) and at my last appointment we were talking about my meds and doses and pain coverage, etc. I currently take Oxycontin as an LA med and Hydro as BT. He was talking about switching things up a bit and getting me on a higher dose of LA meds and less BT. Which I am totally on board with. The problem is, that I can't take Morphine Sulfate products. They make me feel like my head is going to explode, among other nasty side effects.

So, I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of a non-morphine based equivalent to the Avinza. Also, if anyone is taking this new 24 hr med, are they having any luck with it?

Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated. If I can take fewer pills every day, that would be great. But I don't want to risk the pain coverage being compromised. Thanks and I hope everyone is having a good day. cmpgirl

Sounds like things are gonna change, eh?

Lucky you.:D

The opioid closest to morphine is oxycodone, which you already take. May I ask why you are changing? Is it just to get down to fewer pills?

Anyway, the other opioid in the general vicinity is oxymorphone (Opana ER). Opana also comes in a SA version simply called Opana. Opana ER is dosed every 12 hours, and I don't know if the 12 hour window works or not (as compared to OxyContin which really requires 3x/day dosing). This drug is roughly 3 times stronger than morphine, but only about 10% of it makes it to your central nervous system, so it's tricky to prescribe, and folks tend to get severely under-dosed at first. Hopefully, if moved to Opana ER your doc will work with you to achieve the proper level of relief.

Of course, there's the fentanyl patch, which is dosed every 48-72 hours. I'm sure you've read plenty about it. It works great for lots of people, and really cuts down on the number of times one must "take a dose."

Other than Opana ER and the patch I can't really think of anything else that meets your requirements.

I'll keep my thinkin' cap on and if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

The only non-morphine long acting med out there that has not been mentioned is Methadone. You might get really good pain coverage and possibly not have to take near the amount of BT meds, if any that you are currently taking. have you ever tried this before?


I did take Avinza for s short time and found it to come short of the 24 hour mark. I also found it to be weaker than I had expected with the hype and all. I wound not recommend it.

Kadian is the other 24 hour morphine med. Haven't heard much about it. But that's not going to help you anyway because of your problem with morphine.

If I were in your shoes I'd just go up on the OxyÇ. It's almost a rarity these days to find a med that one has no problems with, except for possibly dosing. Since you do respond to OxyC, I'd stick with it.

For me, I wish I could go back to methadone. They switched me from it to MS Contin when they suspected the methadone caused my heart failure last year. Even though the cardiologist said I exhibited no cardiac-methadone related issues, my PM doc and my GP were too gun shy to stay with methadone. What a shame. It worked so well for me, and I was perfectly stable at 80mg per day. Now I take loads of morphine with nowhere close to the pain relief I got with methadone. Se la vie (sp?).

Thanks for the replies.

Brian, No, I haven't ever tried methadone. I guess because I have had good luck with the Oxy, in terms of pain coverage. I was just hoping there might be an option out there, where I could actually take one LA med every 12 to 24 hours and actually have it last that long. (Unlike the Oxy) The only drug I had heard of recently, that is "supposed" to last 24 hours is the Avinza, and being Morphine, that would not be an option for me. Sadly, you can't always trust the pharm company's claims of longevity, as shown by the fact that Oxycontin does not last 12 hours.

The Opana ER sounds good in theory, but I am leary of trying it, only to find it is less effective than stated in the pharm. literature.

So, as Steve suggests, I think for now, at least until I hear some verification by an actual pain patient, that Opana lives up to it's hype, I'll stick with the Oxycontin and just let my doc increase my doses. It has worked for me thus far, so I guess I owe it that. Maybe someday, there will be that wonder of medical science but for now, I'll just have to buy a bigger pill minder!:D Maybe this time I'll go with shocking pink! (To match my effervescent personality!! :bouncing:)

I wish you all peace and relief from the pain, cmpgirl

PS.....If anyone has tried Opana, I'd still like to hear your experience. Thanks!
Thanks John, At least it's good to know that one of the meds that is getting all the hype, is living up to it. I've been down that road of not nearly enough coverage for the pain in the past, and I guess I am spoiled by my current PM's diligence and understanding. I'm sure, if he's had patients who have had good luck with some of the non-morphine alternatives, he'll let me know.

Once you've been down that never ending pain road, you get a little gun shy about ever ending up there again. And after coming to this board and seeing all of the people who have been struggling for years, and still do not have appropriate care, or worse yet, have it yanked right out from under them, you get to really appreciate what you do have.

Thanks again. I'm not giving up hope! Take care, cmpgirl