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JMHO, but methadone is way up the line from Percocet. I would think the doc would try some other LA meds before taking the jump straight to methadone. Especially if you had issues with Percocet making you itch, it's likely that you are not very opiate/opiod tolerant yet. Have you taken anything other than Percocet in the past? Have you tried anything LA?

Oxycontin? Morphine? Fentynal? Just curious as to why the doc would do a jump straight to methadone?
Many people here have had very good things to say about methadone as a pain med. I take Oxycontin, because it was what my PM doc tried first and it works fine for me. Of course over the years, I have had my doses increased due to tolerannce and worsening of my condition. This is really just part of the pain med package, when you are chronic. I, for one, can take the synthetics, but morphine sulfate is a big no-no. I react very badly to it. Others are just the opposite.

I would just be honest with your doc about your concerns but mostly about your inability to function on a day to day basis, without the assistance of a pain med. If he is a well rounded and pain management oriented doc, he will understand. If he offered it to you, I don't think he was doing so because he thought you were a drug seeker or an addict. I think it was probably more that he has had other patients get good pain coverage from it.

Good luck and keep us posted. cmpgirl