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Hi gals, thanks for the support. I do have a cushion thing that I use at home when I sit on my kitchen chairs, but it's pretty thick. I have thought about bringing it to school, but then I will be even higher up. The chairs are not adjustable, not even in height. And I already have a problem b/c I'm too high up (like for keyboarding class). My problem with that is, it hurts my neck. I know I have something going on in my neck as well, that comes & goes..though i've not had that part of my MRI'd yet. ALl their chairs are pretty similar, I found one that is slightly harder seat than the others and I keep that one with me all day. I hate to ask anyone for a new chair...if I had one I could use their that was on wheels, I would ask someone I know to bring it there for me...but all I have is a kitchen chair on wheels, so I'd no way to schlep that back & forth. I think I'll search around the net anyway, maybe I can find some sort of cushion that isn't so thick.Or maybe a doughnut cushion that's a little thinner than the one I have. I'm liking the idea Marlo's mom has about a cushion that has a back and seat on it...as I really need some sort of back support. I'll definnitly check into that. Too bad there aren't battery opertated ones that emit heat! That would be great!

Blue...I really don't know anything about if I would ever qualify for disability. I am pretty stubborn, so I will do everything in every ounce of willpower I can find to stay in school. And it's such a great opportunity and it's free to me. I really hope I don't have to quit. But also, I would never be able to live on the money one gets for disability. There's another woman in my class who has bad spine problems, has a morphine pump implanted. She is on SSDI, but she said she can't live on that & wishes her docs never pushed her into doing it. So she said she's able to work part time while on it...so she's hoping she'll be able to do that after school is done. But I know both of us are so uncomfortable all day; and it sucks lookiing at everyone else, just sitting on their chairs, not squirming, having no problems sitting there all day. Oh well, I guess this is my fate and all I can do is live with it somehow and just do what my body allows. Oh..the doc also said if I get much worse, he'd consider doing another ESI (since it helps me so much)..or he said he could call in medrol dose packs. So thankfully he is actually trying to "manage my pain".