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You sound so dejected. Is there anyway you can line up an appointment with a PM doctor who will prescribe narcotics? Otherwise, a PCP who will presribe pain relief? I have a PPO and I can to any doctor I choose and my insurance company still flagged me because I fill brand name drugs versus generic (I may have to change this to meet them half-way). The whole baloney about checking your scripts with ALL of you doctors (even innocuous ones) is the insurance company's attempt to drive down the cost of your meds. For me, the fact that they reached out to my doctors without first consulting my medical file just proves it - if they had checked themedical claims they would know from the medical claim why I received painkillers. When all was aid and done and 4 of my doctors received a letter I got really angry and wrote a 9 page letter to my insurance company. The #1 reason I am annoyed is that the RX insurane did not bother to call me! I had the RX insurnce department tape our conversation and then sad something like "if you continue to contact my doctor now that you have my diagnosis, I will sue you for malpractice.

it's absolutely ridiculous that we cannot get pain pain (and I don't abuse my meds; not do I run out early). When my father was dying from cancer I had to practically pull the morphine out of the nurses' hands so that I could attend to him. What he dealt with prompted me to join a couple of Pain Foundation sites. At one point I thought about smoothering him because he asked me to!

I would take the doctor shopping chance if I knew it woud provide relief in the long run. Look at your network and see if you can find another PM doctor. If you can't go outside the network and pay your 80% co-pay. For individuals - your out of pocket expenses are capped at $4K per annum.

Feel better - I hope I have helped.