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I was giving a pump after my lumbar fusion because Morphine pump did not help my pain.
I had very bad headache with it and nausea also.
So I guess, this is how your body reacts to this Pain medication.

Good luck on your recoverY!:angel:
I was perscribed it for pain after surgery and the nurse in recovery didn't know what to do so she gave th regular morphine on time and between the two of them I lost all control of my muscle control. for about 8-10 hours i think that it would be clear to say that I was overdosed on pain meds..... I am afraid to take them again....:jester:
Much like Morphine Sulphate, the bio-availability of Dilaudid when taken orally as opossed to IV drops to close to 10-20%. figures from the FDA vary, go figure....
It's why "dilly's" are much sought-after by addict's.
BTW-Morphine Sulphate - 4-10%

These are not wuite the same as the numbers I get, which are from the manufacturer's monographs (same reference the FDA uses).

For dilaudid taken orally the bioavailability is 24%, and morphine sulfate is 40%.

These numbers come from the web sites for Dilaudid (Abbott) and MS Contin (Purdue).

It is me again is there anyone out there that has had these side affects happen to them??? no one really did answere my thread so I am justresponding again???? I was basically not able to function if I tried to stand I would fall as if I had no controll at all over my legs. Do you think that it was the combination of the morphine sulfate and the dilauded??? Please help!!!!