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It seems a lot easier in Australia

Scripts are computer generated, so they just repeat the last lot, no room for errors

Scripts generlay run for six months (one months supply, and 5 repeats)

The only drag is that to treat with what is called here a DDA (dangerous drug of addiction.... morphine, ocycodone, etc) for more than 4 weeks, the doc needs an authority from the state health department, however, these are generaly given, they just ensure you arnt getting scripts from more than one doctor.

Control of narcotics for medical use is by the health department, not the police or DEA - no doctor will have the feds charging him for prescribing - even if he is prescribing badly, it is a health department matter, not a police one.

All drugs are in "patient packs", no need to count the pills, as they are in seald packs of 20, or 100, or whetever.... no dispensing from bulk packs any more.

You pay the forst $35 for a script, and the government pays the rest. If you arnt working, you pay $5 and the government pays the rest.

After 52 scripts in a year, you dont pay anything.
because health insurance is provided by teh federal government, if a doctor is going to prescribe narcotics, he can contact the Health Insurance Commission and find out if you have been seeing other doctors, or filling other prescriptions for other drugs of dependence (he needs your permission to do this, but if yo were genuian, of course, you'd give it)

We were a few years behind the US in recognising chronic pain and the role opoids could play n improving peoples lives, but our regime is a lot easier to negotiate from what I have seen here.

On the down side, there arnt any intermediate strength narcotics on the market here, there are codeine preperations and tramadol, or the strong opoids like oyxcodone and morphine - nothing inbetween at this stage.