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hi cmpgirl!

i have actually been taking percocet since i was about 24 and i am almost 31 now. first 5mg but only 1 qid- then up to 2qid after a few years, then 2 7.5mg-qid...it's increased over the years like my pain. a few years ago my doctor wanted to put me on a long-acting med, so they put me on avinza 120mg. it made me dizzy and made me feel just plain gross, so i asked to be switched to a 12 hour type morphine which came mscontin 60mg. i found that they are still too strong and still give me that yucky-dizzy feeling however since i have been taking oxycodone for so long sometimes it just plain doesnt work (the roxis are working a LOT better though) even though i am still in pain i can not take more than 2 every 4-6 hours. if this is the case then i will take the morphine. then i get relief. im not exactly sure why if its because its stronger, or if its just because its a diffrent type of opiate, i dont know. since i was not in much pain, this was ok by the doctor. sometimes i would be in such pain i was taking 1 ms contin 60mg a day (not two) and 6-8 7.5mg percocet a day. it sucks to be in so much pain. i have not had to take but one MScontin in almost a month now since they have had the increased meds. re: the oxycontin im not sure exactly why it scares me. i like the fact tha i can take medication more as needed. im afraid of withdrawals if i miss a day or becoming addicted. i guess im more scared of the hype around it. oxycontin. just the word makes me nervous. i understand that it is the same thing just time released, i dont know, i prefer the flexibility of the instant release tabs.. what do you think? have a nice day!! :jester:
Hey Bear...The oxycontin is a synthetic, like the oxycodone, whereas the MS contin is actual Morphine Sulfate. To me the fact that the morphine products make you sick and the Roxi (oxycodone) which is short acting oxycontin, doesn't make you sick, means that like me, you can't take morphine.

So, I think the oxycontin would be perfect for you. I know it has all the addiction hype surrounding it, but it is not what the tabloids and talk shows make it out to be. The only people who develop a psychological addiction to it are those who do not have legit pain, and abuse it. Same as the short acting meds. And in actuality, it's been found that it has less potential for addiction than short acting meds. I'm sure some of the others can explain that better than I have.

We all develop a physical dependence to narcotics when we take them long term. It's just the nature of the beast, so to speak. But there is a big difference between dependence and addiction.

So, if it were me in your shoes, with the pain waking me up every night, I would go for the oxycontin. Just my humble opinion........

I hope that helps a little. Take care, CMP