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I am so glad that workers comp approved me to see another surgeon outside of my group network. I had saw 2 surgeons last year and they both wanted to do ADR and fusion. I still feel I am a canditate, well hopefully for the less invasive approach. I am soon to be 33 and want one more child, I am scared if I get the ADR and fusion that it may lead to more surgeries and failed back syndrome. Also, I am worried about my ability to carry another baby.

I am still in moderate to severe pain. I have been trying to come down off of the morphine and have been trying to just take the norco and the other meds. So far I am able to do it and try to ignore the pain. Also, they approved for me to get another mri, so I am glad they stopped giving me such a hard time. I am still off work, its already a month now, I cannot wait to get back.:)