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I saw a new p.m doctor last week just to get a second opinion.. I had a 2 level fusion almost 3 months ago with 2 rods and 6 screws , autograft was done as well.. My current P.M doctor had me on hydromorphone for about 1 month , than 10/650 apap oxycodone.. I have been in pain for the last month , I'm sure it's surgical pain..

Anyway my P,M doctor would not change my current perscription of 10/650 apap percocet , I was taking between 5 to 6 a day and thats way to much tylenol.. I told my doctor that I'm not happy with my meds and want oxycodone with NO tylenol.. He said no , and we need to stick with this plan !!

I found a new doctor and he put me on roxycodone 30 mgs (blue pill that has a v/4812 on it) 60 for 2 weeks , he also put me on AVINZA (morphine sulfate) , 60 mgs as well.. The roxicodone is working great , it's pure oxycodone with no tylenol so my stomach feels better , and the AVINZA - I take 1 pill every 24 hours and i like that as well..

***** If any one has any feedback on this roxycodone (v/4812) , is this a generic form of roxycodone , and how does it compare to other pain meds out there ?

***** If any one has any feed back on AVINZA (morphine sulfate , 60 mg tablet) I don't no much about morphine , is this a good E.R pain med ? P,M doctor told me to only take 1 pill every 24 hrs , whens the best time to take it - morning or night ?

thank you all , sorry for the long post