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I could use a little feedback on pain meds, hope those of you that have more experience can help me sort it out.

I have FMS and CMP, diagnosed roughly 10 yrs ago. I have been on garbapenten and percocet for most of that time. It has never really given me much relief but I have one of those drs. that dislikes prescribing narcotics.
Much of the time we have spent back and forth about the use of percs. I felt like I was jumping through hoops every visit. She told me repeatedly that it was only prescribed to patients dying of cancer.

In Jan. she gave some samples of Lyrica which I found much better then the garb. However the my provincial med. plan does not cover it. She talked to the drug rep about a compassionate program to enable me to get the drug but the best he could offer were sparatic visits and give her extra samples. I have been on a PM wait list for 3 yrs. I live in NFLD, Canada where we are experiencing a crisis with our drs.

My last visit we decided it was time to go to a longer lasting pain medication and she precribed Dilaudid. She gave me 60 1mg tablets, take 1/2 to 1 tab every 4 hours as needed. She cautioned that these pills were 5x stronger than Morphine. Well I've never been on morphine but I know I am getting NO relief from these tablets. The percs didn't work very well but they were better than what I have now.

We are to moniter how much I take in the run of a day so she can calculate how much I would need of the LA drug. I have also read od ppl taking LA meds with different meds for BT. She tells me if I take LA Dilaudid I have to take reg Dilaudid for BT. When I told her of others I know that take percs or something else, she says they are in the wrong, the same meds should be used for both.

It's been one week now and I am taking 2 tabs every 4 hours. Even waking through the night which I never had before. My next appt. is on the 4th.
The dr. is out of town for the next week, I'm afraid to take any more than 2 tabs. I do have a refill. I was taking HCL/ACETA 5/325 - 1 1/2 -2 tabs 3x a day.

I am not having any side effects, thank goodness. To be honest I have mixed feelings about being off the percs. I miss the feeling of the drug kicking in, I felt like I was being wrapped in fleecy blanket. I don't miss the nausea, and I feel like I have more energy now.

When I looked on the internet for info on Diladid I couldn't find anything on 1mg. tablets. They all started at 2 up to 8mg. Is my dr. being overly cautious? Can anyone tell me the difference in the strength of these meds?
Thank you