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pain Holidays are not necessary if your doc is willing to employ opioid rotation. As I understand it, opioid rotation works just as well at addressing tolerance and finding relief. Research says that we don't become fully tolerant to all opioids just because we develop tolerance to one of them. It's called incomplete cross tolerance. One of the best meds to use in opioid rotation is methadone. One can go from 600mg daily morphine to 80mg daily methadone very successfully. After being on the methadone for awhile, then rotate to something else, or back to the original med.

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Dont you guys have MS Contin or Kapanol in the US (SA Morphine)
[QUOTE=aussiejono;3575409]Dont you guys have MS Contin or Kapanol in the US (SA Morphine)

Yes, I forgot about MS Contin....So, you have 5 choices.


The methadone is just one of a handful of choices. My concern was to point out that your doc's seeming preference for Drug Holiday isn't the only option. That opioid rotation works too.

Given your preference for compounded meds you have many options. Shoot, practically everything's on the table. You could go with morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone (brand dilaudid), or oxymorphone (brand Opana).

The natural progression from your LA hydro would be either morphine or oxycodone. I'd go with oxy in that case. Next up would be hydromorphone, then oxymorphone. I'd still probably stick with your compounded SA hydro for BT pain, but at 15mg or 20mg.

I think the compounding gives you more options than most folks and it seems to suit you fine for relief and financially.