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Hi, lincslady. I don't come around much any more, but I happened to pop in just now and saw your post.

I've had my pump for 4 years now, closer to 5, and I love it. I had awful, unrelenting pain from my last L4-5 surgery in l997 and meds just weren't keeping it under control. After trying injections, meds, therapy, etc., I finally agreed to the pump and it has been such a blessing. Tho I have other problems that cause pain, the pain from the L4-5,S1 surgery is down to almost nothing. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I had to take meds because of pain in that area. For me, the pump has been a complete success. It took about 5 visits after my surgery to get the dose of meds I needed...as well as a change from morphine to dilaudid, but it was well worth it. My pain management specialist asked me about replacing the pump with a spinal cord stimulator and I said "absolutely not". I've had too much success to change horses in the middle of the stream now.

I'll check back in here tomorrow to see if you had any specific questions you wanted to ask me. If not, let me take this opportunity to wish you the best success possible.