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Hi there friends.....

Sorry it's been awhile, busy weekend - 2 graduation parties and a Marathon I volunteered at !

Seems the upped dose of Tegretol and the Percocet as needed is controlling things pretty well. Ive not taken a Percocet since Saturday morning.

That woman never called me back on Friday, so I tried her one more time this morning and she answered (she probably thought "dang it, I need caller id!"). I talked to her. She was probably the "fakest nice person" Ive ever spoke to. It was soooooooooo sorry for this and sooooooooo sorry for that. Then at the end it was "Nope, we can not do anything because you WERE Seen". I will send this to Dr. *** and he can review it, he is our head doctor in the ER dept. I said OK great. Hung up the phone.

At this point I realized it wasnt her I needed to speak to, it was Dr.***.

I have no shame, I tell you. When I set my mind to something, I'll be damned if it isnt going to work. lol

So I call the Emergency Dept., and ask to speak to Dr. *** ..... I could tell the face on the other line was :confused: - and she said just a minute let me check his schedule.

Well to my surprise, the line picked up and I heard "Dr.*** Speaking" - WOW! Then I got nervous, I thought my god, in heaven, what if he's rude. I got a little nervous for a split second.

So I introduced myself, told him that I had TN - and he cut me off and apologized just for that in itself. Then apologized for interrupting, so I knew I had a nice guy on the phone.

I went into my story, and he was a good listener, and went on to say that, being a doctor, you need to be Human, not Technical - like the doctor I saw that night, a doctor who see's a patient with TN, needs to be human, and treat you like a human, therefore do EVERYTHING in his Ability to Treat the Pain. I asked him what he wouldve done, and he said MOST doctors, if not ALL - would give you most likely Morphine. Though TN is resilient to treat, you atleast TRY IT.

He volunteered (before I even asked) to drop my bill, and told me that if we didnt catch it before the billing dept did, to keep contacting him, until they stop, and that he would call this Brandy lady, the lady I spoke to previously and tell her wht was going on. Id do anything to see her FACE, when he tells her I called him.

So, it worked! I am so happy. I wish all doctors could be as compassionate as he was.

Just thought Id let you guys know!ds! I have an update on this Saga. It's a good one! ;)