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[QUOTE=Executor;3588645]Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

How long have you been on the Percs? Ritalin? I'd like some more info before I comment.



ive been on the percs for over two years now,and about one year for the ritalin.i started out on three 5/325 a day percs,but now im alloud up to 4 10/325 a day.the ritalin,i now take 5mg 3/day.my dr wont do the oxys, but i did try the fentanyl patches last year.they gave me an instant migraine,and made me too tired to get off the couch,its no way to live with a very hyper autistic/sprectrum/disorder three year old son.i have to be alert for him,i just want to be more pain free so i can play more with him like he constantly wants.maybe i have to trade some pain relief for staying alert and being a good mom,i just dont know.for me to have almost no pain right now, id have to take a perc and soma together, but then all i want to do is lay on the couch,so i wont do it.i also notice that the more i am forced to sit up,like at a computer or table,or even a car, my back hurts much worse.then if i try walking,my leg hurts so much i have to stop.i am most comfortable laying on my side on the couch, with my moist heating pad,but i cant do that all day.from what i understand the only long acting med they would maybe try is morphine, but im afraid it would make me tired,which is also a problem i already struggle with everyday.as far as the lyrica, the doc told me it was a chemical cousin of neurontin, which didnt agree with me.i also get steroid shots from time to time,but they dont do much.sometimes it helps the leg pain only for a few days,but nothing for my back.so i guess what im looking to do is be the most pain free,productive,i can be ,without being sedated,and bound to the couch?