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Hey Izz.....If you've been on the 12.5 patch, that's roughly equal to 30mg of Oxycodone per day.

In the patch prescribing info, it says each 12.5mcg of the patch is equal to 45mg of morphine. Oxycodone is 1.5 X the strength of morphine. Thus 45/1.5 = 30mg. So, if he gave you 10mg, that's 3 X day. However, it may take some trial & error. Everyone is different. You will probably find that it won't last 12 hours...More like 8.

I would agree that you shouldn't call him....I would just grin and bear whatever happens.....Honestly, anytime you switch LA meds, there is some physical adjustment...4-7 days worth. The only time I haven't had any adjustment period was when I went on the patch....Because it was stronger than the med I was on (OC). I'm probably going to have to titrate off it now that summer is here and due to the availability issue....And I'm not looking forward to it.

You should probably schedule an appt for next week and go see him...Regardless of whether the transition goes well or not....More less a follow up. If it goes well, you should go see him and tell him you wanted to follow up with the new approach. If it doesn't go well, tell him you waited till the next week due to the move, even though you weren't doing well.

Purdue is the "brand"....Oxycontin. The generic isn't widespread available anymore....Once inventory is gone, they can't replenish. Your pharmacy has obviously sold all of their generic.

Good luck.