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I am glad you thought of the RV thing too. I was afraid it might sound ridiculous. It would be cool if you could rent one for the day or maybe a few days and your hubby could stay in it while you were in the hospital and not have to drive back and forth.
I am really enjoying my strawberries. It so nice to go out the back door and have my favorite fruit whenever I want it. I am starting to have some birds going into the garden and pecking at the berries. I don't really know what to do about that. Any suggestions?
I am having a pretty good back day. I think I finally have a medication plan that is working and I am still doing prolotherapy. I go again June 10. I started the duragesic patch again at a much lower dose and I am tolerating much better and taking less morphine. I guess that's good they are both such powerful medications that I worry about taking them but it beats constant pain.I am so glad we have these boards to talk about this stuff because my friends and family freak when the hear about my meds. I guess unless you have chronic pain you just don't get it. Both of my doctors have been so wonderful getting me thru this back and arthritis stuff-I know I am so lucky.I think maybe because they are both women they maybe a bit mor compassionate then men doctors-not in all cases but certainly in mine. Hope all is going well with you and you are getting things accomplished that you want to. Just don't overdue it. Oh have you tried any of th o/c sleep aids? i used to use unisom not the one with dipenhydramine but the one with doxyalimine succinate. They work pretty good. Take Care, Dee