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It's so very hard for our loved ones to look at us in our pain. You want to take the pain away but you can't. I know how very frustrating that can be. While we may be the ones that had the surgery, our loved ones sort of had a proxy one at the same time too.

My boyfriend said it about killed him to see me in that hospital bed after the surgery. He said I looked like I was in so much pain. Well, I wasn't having a party.. that's for sure and it did hurt, because the morphine just wasn't doing much for me, but I managed okay. The grin and bear it thing, knowing it's gonna get better..kept me ticking.

It does get better and rather quickly in the very beginning I must add. At around two weeks time, the numbing agent they shoot at the actual surgery site wears off and we start to feel the true and full effects of the healing process then. It seems to happen to the vast majority of us.. so don't be alarmed if all of a sudden.. he appears to have a set back at that time. All very normal. Just make sure he stays on his meds.. as prescribed and don't deviate, even if he thinks he doesnt need the full script for awhile. If his pain spikes.. it takes a lot longer to get the pain back in control, than if he was taking his meds as scheduled.

Walking is a real biggie toward his healing and not doing anything he shouldn't, such as bending, lifting, twisting. It's a time to heal and healing of this magnitude does take time.

Meanwhile.. you dont have to be a rock at all. Just relax a bit and do what you are already doing for him.. care for him and be there. The rest will take care of itself. Dont forget to take care of yourself through all of this.. you are just as important.

Take care.