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Hey Marcia, I'm sorry you have been having a rough time. I know what a delicate dance it can be to find just the right meds and schedule to get you to a good place with the pain.

The Opana IR idea sounds like a good one. I know I have read other threads/posts where it has been stated that having two different types of meds for LA and BT can be more benficial sometimes. eg. I take Oxy for LA and hydro for BT. Because they act on different receptors, they are supposed to give better overall pain coverage, than taking say, two oxycodone products. And since Opana is Morphine Sulfate, this might do the trick for you.

I know my doc's philosophy is higher LA meds and fewer BT meds. We are just starting to go this route and it makes good sense to me. He knows that some amount of BT med is always going to be needed, because we have to live our lives and that usually means some BT pain. But he feels that a higher base of LA med, should do the trick. I guess we will see........

I wish you the best and I hope you can find just the right combination for your specific needs. Hugs and prayers, CMP/MM