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Haven't posted in a while but am now 12 days post-op from my second spine surgery in under 2 years. Previously I had a fusion at L3/4 with a disc replacement at L4/5, so now I've added a Dynesys stabilisation over the disc replacement (which was left in) and a decompression and fusion (without bone) below at L5/S1. The X rays are pretty ugly and confusing when I'm trying to explain it to anyone as there's plates rods and screws all overlapping as well as the Maverick disc amongst it all!

So, the surgery went well although I didn't come out with what I went in for (a 2 level Dynesys), it seems the surgeon decided to make adjustments once in. He's very experienced so I' know he did what will be best for me.

The first 2 days were horrendously painful as I remembered from last time! I reacted to the Fentanyl PCA once again and developed a 3 day migraine. Yeah just what I needed (NOT), had as much pain in my head as my back. Can't take morphine either so I guess I'm really unlucky.
I"ve had both anterior and posterior surgeries now and I must say this posterior one has been much more painful for me. The incision as well is longer and right along the spine.

On day 3 I had the IV's, catheter and wound drain removed and was assisted up for the first time. Despite the pain it always feels great to be out of bed for a bit doesn't it? Gradually moved around more the next 2 days and was visited by the physical therapist who gave me some stretching to do. Day 5 I was assessed to walk up/down stairs and told I could discharge the next day.
Everything was identical to the first op except without the hematoma complication of last time.

So here I am housebound and going crazy with boredom. I've only been in the car twice for 15 mins and it was pretty painful. I walk in the street twice a day for about 15-20 mins very slowly with my dogs who don't quite understand why we can't go a bit faster mum!
Hoping this is my last op for a long time but considering my DDD and scoliosis complicating things I'm being realistic in thinking it's another stop-gap.
Hope everyone else is doing well. Have a great weekend.
hi cathydownunder

its really wierd to find your post as i saw my consultant on the 4th june and the op i am going to have on the 23rd of june is going to be the same as the op you have just had.

a fusion at L5/S1 and dynesys at L4/L5 (using the zimmer dto system) any information you could give me i would be grateful for.

i am nervous and excited at the same time, i am in constant pain 24/7 and thats with the morphine and opiods. i have DDD.