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Hi All:wave:

Docs appt went well, he gave me some more bladder spasm tabs, did my zoladex injection sitting down in a chair, never had it like that b4 and did my referral for a self propelled wheelchair which will give me more independance.
Had v rocky day yesterday hence not posting, had 2 take catheterout as was weekly break, was in absolute agony, tears running down face, don't think I'm going to do that each week they'll have 2 put up with fortnightly. Thought I was going to end up in a&e:(
Bought some biscuits to go with the tea. Good for the nibbles :)
Lovely to have some friends to chat to.
All take care hug 4 each. Chat soon:angel:

Diana, Thanks for showing me how to chat to each of u and u all at the same time, problems with being a newbie:)Just read all the info you've shared with your conditions on the thread, boy have u had it rough. Feel I've got nothing to complain about compared 2 what you've been through . I'm on Thyroxine for thyroid probs. Getting checks a couple of times a year to ensure its the right dose.
Have you tried the probiotic drinks, they're not expensive and quite tasty? I don't realise how lucky we are not having to pay for medications over here some times.

Don't worry about it, I didn't really explain well, not good I suppose to vent emotions without people knowing whole story just seem to be getting really down about all that going on. I'm just new to the boards and not quite got the hang of what to say where! How do u manage to avoid most dairy things?
Just read your last post, sorry you are having such a rough time, I'm still learning the effects different things have on me. Agree cranberry juice helps, having probiotic drinks and yogurt asI can have that. Definite amateur on the allergy front, know I'm allergic 2 loads just what to do about it is the problem as to how to cut everything out.

Thanks for the cuppa, I was gasping for 1. Great idea, by the way, have a custard cream & a hobnob!
Had depo provera before but not long term solution. Think the zoladex,(pseudo menopause) is the answer short term whilst they r investigating how bad the situation is and then look at the plan of action. Shoot me perhaps!

Got u some herbal teas camomile should be good 4 u, just popping 1 in water now, will b ready by the time I've finished reading your post, have a biscuit while you are waiting:)
Haven't counted the allergies yet, will let u know next time. All sorts of stuff, think if i followed them all, i'd be eatting lettuce and never going out the house!
I seem to be like u with the meds, my bag if taken would be worth a bit I've been told with all the morphine I carry, it does worry me as if some1 stole it and then took the meds I would feel responsible but what can u do to avoid it?
Really sorry about your news about your chest. It does seem that we don't get chance to get one thing sorted before another comes along! I know we can multi task but I'm sure we aren't meant to multi illness LOL.:jester:
Seriously please let us know how things r going, will b thinking about u.
Sending a hug.
I agree about being online friends, chatting to Diana on a specific urology post got me through some horrendous nights of pain and panic. Feel free to share anything u want 2. I haven't posted for a few days as was so rough yesterday but on and off the site at least once a day so I'll always check and reply. Everything always happens at once, but do come to realise we can cope with more than we think we can, normally because we don't have a choice.
What do u think the best massage is to go for, if you don't mind me asking Love indian head massage, haven't got problems with aread needing to be avoided except abdomen. As have lower back pain and lots of bits can spasm found relaxing is a main concern. If u don't want to answer as its your job and want to not have to talk about it out of work I understand and apologise for asking. Teas ready now, think I may have left it in 2 long, its a bit strong Spoon standing on end! LOL
Have u tried Maalox for acid reflux, like Gaviscon but better. Have to ask for it at chemist over here, not on shelves, don't know if u have it with you though. Worth a try if you do, I was an instant convert.