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I also had a bad bout with PND and Bad Breath due to PND and tonsil stones (actinomycosis) i swear i had a sore throat DAILY especially in the morning and at night! I tried everything to get rid of the tonsil stones water pick to manually removing them with q-tips. when the tonsil stones were removed my breath wasn't so bad but they would just return at the end of the week!
I knew my only option to help with the PND and tonsil stones removed was to get my simi enlarged tonsils removed but it was HELL trying to find a doctor that would the surgery. (due to age :mad: i was 18 when i went on a search to find a doctor that will do the surgery). Well I'm almost 30 now and i finally found a doctor who preformed the tonsillectomy this year :D!!!!
I think its best to be aggressive (Which is what i finally did) with the doctors and be honest if you want a tonsillectomy just say this is what i want I did the research i know the pros and cons also give examples. if he/she says no then go find another doctor. Otherwise the docs will just BS you around all day long because they don't want the hassle of dealing with an adult tonsillectomy.
It's a high high risk surgery! YES i did say high risk you will go through HELL and back. I was in the hospital for 5 days got shot up with morphine every 2 hours i couldn't eat anything for 1 1/2 mos went from 135 lbs. to 117 lbs. plus i had to deal with rude nurses. So was it worth it? YES YES YES !!!
i sleep better at night, no more stank breath, no more chronic DAILY sore throats and fatigue.
You didn't mention you have the tonsil stones or not maybe you don't know if you do? But if so this is the only way to get rid of it. In my case the PND caused my tonsils to become inflamed that caused infection and brought on the tonsil stones!

PS: I was also told it was GERD i don't even have acid reflux lmao!!!! I also had trouble eating certain foods like legal but obviously it was due to having inflamed tonsils being that i have no problem eating and drinking those same foods/drinks! So i don't trust the whole acid reflux thing. come to think of it they also did a test to see if i had acid reflux where i had to drink this stuff that made me burp and some creamy stuff that tasted like puke and it came back negative.