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I've got severe back pain due to problems with facet joints and nerves being trapped after an accident at work. I have i.b.s, endometriosis which is currently being investigated via MRI to see if hysterectomy is necessary as we've tried all other treatments. This also means I can't have children which I'm really struggling to come to terms with. Recently have intense pain after urinating which is so bad had to double my morphine intake to 80mg per 12 hrs.
Going to see urology surgeon tomorrow to see what he can suggest as only way to combat pain without morphine is to have indwelling catheter.
Just moved house to bungalow to combat pain caused my climbing stairs and was hoping health would increase a bit but instead its got worse.
Getting really down about the kids issue and my quality of life in general plus the thoughts that surgery is looking certain. Could have to have hysterectomy , endometriosis removal and bladder surgery or removal at the same time which although I've had operations before is loads worse than something I've ever encountered before.
I realise people are a lot worse off than me but seems that I go one forward and two back all the time.
Really appreciate anyone who can relate to post reply. Thanks for reading this:(

No Dave doesn't read it with me, it's my time and he respects it, Misty won't tell either. The pain has gone beserk and I was meant to be giving a presentation tommorow to some mental health student nurses about my mental health experiences, going to try and do it but as morphine is up to 80mg there's no way I'm going to drive will hope person who is with me 4 the presentation will come and pick me up, or I'm not going to be able to do it.
Really disappointed and in pain, so going to go off to bed. Just got a 2 for 1 on beauty treatments if u were over here we could go together. Thanks for the offer about relationships depression may well take you up on that. I do wonder if I'm trying to sort out to many areas at once.
Speak tomorrow if I can,
Tc huggs :angel:
Elaine x
Morning Ladies,

I am so glad to hear that you do have a doctor that is knowledgeable about endometriosis. I was very concerned about what he was trying to do. I still do not really see the point in the MRI, but it is certainly better than having another surgery. Sometimes these surgeries do more harm than good.

I worried for a long time about how I would get pregnant, and have a healthy baby with my chronic pain. I have severe abdominal pain from a hernia surgery that went badly. This is located in my upper abdominal area, where a "six pack" would be, if I had one! :) LOL I just had my third surgery to correct this. This pain controls so much in my life. You do not realize how much is connected to your ab muscles until something is wrong with them!

Here us an example of my ab pain: Coughing can be excrutiating, sneezing, bending, lifting, stretching, basically anything. I thought, how in the world would I carry a baby with this pain?? First I found a very good OB. She is actually the one who rushed this last surgery. I had developed a "weak area" in the abdominal wall, that turned into a volley ball sized hole within six months. She said that there was no way I could safely carry a baby that way.

So I needed another surgery, but what about the pain meds I take, and my chronic pain in general, my endo pain is on top of this other pain. As much as I long for a baby, I simply KNEW that I could not just "suffer" through it for 9 months, but I didn't want to potentially expose my baby to harmful drugs either.

My OB stated that while they do not recommend long-acting pain meds (oxycontin, which is what I take, fentayl patches, la morphine, ect., short-acting narcotics are considered safe and used more often than people think in pregnancy. She stated that it is much more dangerous to have a stressed out Mom due to severe pain, than it is to treat it. The only reason that long-acting meds are not recommended are because they are 24/7 and will cause physical dependance in the baby.

This is a very personal decision. I know that stopping my long-acting med, in my case oxycontin, is going to increase my pain. However, to me, it is more about tolerating the pain to have a chance to have a baby. I am going into it knowing that while my pain may not be as well controlled, there are other meds and things I can do to make in tolerable. It is worth it to me. My OB says that percocet is safe to take, and as long as I don't take it all the time, it is perfecty safe for the baby. There are other meds as well, this is just one I already take. She stated that there are many more women than you would think that have painful health problems, who also have children. She told me that this is not a rare scenerio, and that there are many things that can be done to keep me as pain-free as possible.

Again, this is a very personal decision. There is always going to be someone who says that you should suffer endlessly for your child, and not get pregnant at all if you need pain meds. That to me, is ridiculous. The great majority of doctors agree that it is MUCH more dangerous to have Mom is distress due to pain. I am not going to feel guilty about CP that is not my fault. I deserve to have the chance to have a child just like anyone else.

I know that nothing for us is easy.....LOL............:) that's putting it lightly! Who knows if we can even get pregnant, I just don't want to lose my chance altogether.

I hope some of this is helpful to you. I wish you all the very best. This disease is monsterous and can make us feel so hopeless. I am simply advocating that you not give up hope right now. Hang in there my friend.. Let me know if I can be of help to you in any way!

Your Friend,

Only today and tomorrow then its the big day, gulp!
Starting to collect things together packing wise, didn't want to till after the pre-op assessment in case had uti or anything. The sister was really nice and said she would make sure they took into account the fact that I was already on morphine when they calculated the post op meds.
Bit confused on your post, why should having a hysterectomy affect the strentgh of my thyroid tablets. Perhaps I miss understood u.
In quite a bit of abdo and back pain, didn't get to sleep until 4am so rather dopey at the minute. No pain meds seemed to touch the pain in the night.Has to catheterise myself in the end but that's no big thing as they would have been putting 2 in on tues anyway and I get to use my own this way. Wonder if I'm getting tense and thats making things worse as the night before was rough as well. Haven't got onto feet massages but dave gives a gd back massage.
Feeling a bit weepy and quite nervous today but I suppose thats understandable.
Will try to check in once more before I'm off, I'll try to let u know as soon as poss but its going to take a while for me to be up to it. I've got to get out of hosp first!
Sorry to hear you've got such a busy month, its so nice of you to include my op in part of your busyness. Don't worry about me, I'm in the best place with the best surgeon we could get so hopefully everything will go well.
I really really appreciate all you help and support over the last few months, don't think I'd have got here without you.I'm lucky to have you as a friend and confidante. Hope your sisters health isn't too bad and of course that you aren't feeling too bad either. Hows the shoulder? I can't say I blame you about the trying to avoud lymes disease again, its sounds really naff. Take care of yourself, sending hugs your way :angel: