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Dilaudid's active ingredient is hydromorphone. It is roughly 7 times stronger than morphine, milligram for milligram. So you are taking the equivalent of 28mg morphine every 8 hours.

As far as potency goes, it ranks third behind fentanyl and Opana.

4 mg with vick es will work for a while. it addresses certen receptors for pain i started with 2mg didlaudid and vick es for breakthrough it worked for about 2 months. then i needed 4mg dilaudid to get the same effect. then 8mg ....you get the picture. the body producess chemicals to balance the effect of the new dose of dilaudid. i have 4 herneated disks.and the dilaudid was the only drug that helped. tryed everything includinf avinzer 120mg(long lasting morphine) and then fentenal patches 100mg with no help. i am 6 weeks out from a x-stop operation and am now cutting down on meds. down to 6 mg dilaudid and 2 vicks es a day. am getting better every day. I dont know what I would have done WITHOUT DILAUDID i went through years of pain for no reason Just 1 good PM willing to wright this was all the help I needed. Thank God for Dilaudid. Good Luck