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Hi , I have joined this site today with hope that I can be advised, in return I would like to think that I can hopefully give advice when needed and make some freinds along the way too!!:)
Right, this is a long one.......... In year 2000 I started have pains in my groin area after a year or so the pain increased to my hips , down both legs, numbness in feet and low back pain . I was also having difficulty doing every day things.
After 4 years of seeing so many different consultants and various tests I had a MRI scan which showed that I had split my disc at L4/5 level (I have no idea how or when I had split my disc)It was actually great to know the cause of my pain after 4 years.
My medication for the pain at that time was Dihydrocodeine tablets.
I then went on to have a lumber Discography to confirm the source of pain.

With that done in November 2002 I had a L4/5 antero-posterior spinal fusion using translaminar screws and femoral ring allograft and iliac crest bone graft. Operation went well.
After my last post op check up a few months later I was told it was fusing fine but will take up to a year for best results and was discharged. I was never out of pain though so was continued to be prescribed Morphine which I started taking after op. I went back to work 3 months after op.
2 years later (2004) still in alot of pain and still on morphine but now a higher dose. I decided to go back to see the surgeon ( I hadn't before cause I kept thinking it's just me being mardy and that I must just have a low pain threshold!)My Doctor also just thought it was taking it's time healing.
I was given a CT Scan which showed the screws were actually lose!! So non-union at the intended level of fusion.
In March 2005 I had 2nd operation whereby the trans laminar screws were removed and replaced with pedicle screws in combination with a posterolateral fusion between L4 and L5 and bone graft.
About 4 0r 5 Months after this at a post op check I was discharged.
I was then sent an appointment with physio. When I went for my appointment at physio the lady said I was wasting my time as I was in far to much pain to do anything. I was given a tens machine but did nothing to help the pain.
It is now 2008 I had to give up work , infact never recovered enough since my 2nd op to go back. My medication is now Morphine, Dihydrocodeine, amitriptyline and bisacodyl. I am regestered disabled. I am in more pain than ever before and have been told by my doctor that basically I am going to be like this for life, I've been told that the disc above and below the point of fusion will now be under great strain and will be wearing quite bad.
My life has changed so much I was once very outgoing, confident the life and soul at any party! I have lost alot of freinds now. I try to hide alot of my pain and depression from my husband as when he met me I was a different person. I am 46 by the way only married 6 years ago. I rely on my husband for everything, he helps me dress and with personal care.
I will try and describe the pain:- Deep throbbing in Groin and hips. Sciatica down both legs, burning tingling down in legs, numbness in both feet, Lower back pain deep inside like I have a heavy weight pushing on my lower back, a feeling of my back going to give way and does give way often. Cannot stand for long periods or sit comfortably. I use a walking stick but cannot walk for long without great discomfort, about 30 metres.
I was sent to a pain clinic not long ago, basically the doctors there try to help you in how to live with chronic pain.
Just to know there is someone out there like me will not make me feel so alone......Thankyou for reading , apologies for any spelling mistakes no spell check XX
P.S I have epidurals and injections into facet joints, non of them worked.
Hi Angelina

Welcome to the board and i am sure you will gain alot of infomation an understanding regarding your pain.

I think it is such a brave decision for anyone to go ahead with a fusion.

I am supposed to have a 3 level fusion in my lower back but am trying to live with the pain because the odds of recovery after fusion was only 30% which isnt good enough odds for me.

I also have had 3 years of injections and and have tried so many meds including Morphine which doesn't work for me at all.

Just wanted to give my support and let you know there is always someone here who will listen to any problems you have.

Best wishes
Hello Round1
Thankyou for your reply. How do I read your post "can you relate to this"?
Have you tried Morphine? Is Oxycontin, in your opinion better than Morphine?
Thankyou again for your help x