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your dr and the three previous posters are correct, surgery for a mild disc protrusion is not warranted. If you look hard enough you might find a surgeon who will do it, but surgery is done to preserve neurological function, NOT for pain. In many cases, it makes pain worse.

I realize 30 minutes on a heating pad is an inconvenience for you, but I would give anything for that to be my only problem. I had severe pain for 4 years, took morphine, fentanyl patches and vicodin, which are, in case you dont know, very strong narcotics and opiates.

I did end up having surgery but to preserve neurological function, not for pain. The surgeon said my nerves were so compressed they were as thin as ribbons. I could not walk anymore, not just because of pain, but because the legs would buckle and not hold me up, and I was making arrangements for a wheelchair. I had gastroparesis so bad I could not poop more than once or twice a week and my bladder function was also affected.

They told me all along surgery is to improve function, not for pain. I had surgery last month and all of my function has returned. It is truly a miracle. I can walk, sit and stand, and poop every day and urinate a normal number of times a day. My pain however is much worse than it was before. I am on about double the pain meds I was on before the surgery. Its only a month, so maybe it will get better, but I knew going in that I was doing it for the function, not the pain.

Be grateful and do your 30 minutes on the heating pad. As time goes on it may get worse, and we will be here for you, hopefully later rather than sooner.