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Hello all:

I had a spinal cord stim. trial yesterday and I have a few questions for those of you who have gone through this as well.

A little background..I am a 28 year old female with DDD, spinal stenosis, ruptures at l3-4 through l4-s1 and a bulge at l2-3. I've had 2 bilateral discectomies/laminectomies and have been managing the pain with methadone and morphine for years. I was 16 when the pain started for no reason. I was taking nortritptyline for nerve pain and that was good in addition to the narcotics but then I developed QT prolongation which can cause heart attack so off that I came asap! Since then, nerve pain has been unbearable. Next option was to try the SCS and, as I mentioned, my trial was yesterday. My husband and I are looking to conceive in the next 1+ years so less medication is one reason I am interested in trying this...

My first question is- did you have bad pain from the epidural/lead site? If so, for how long following the trial? I am in a lot of pain..cannot lift my butt or roll without really feeling it. Also have trouble getting out of bed and lowering myself onto toilet.

My second question is- did you know whether it helped with the pain right away? I'm not sure just how much it is helping..I still feel the pain in my right leg (front of my leg) from the l3-l4 nerve root. I'm so afraid of going forth with the main surgery and not having it work but also want to give this whole trial thing a fair shake. :confused:

My third question is..how high do you normally go for your stimulation? Seems anything above 5 is pretty strong for me and yet I am still feeling pain. Do you think I should try higher stim.?

Please let me know what your experience was, if you get a chance!

Frank and Beans