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just a suggestion for you here considering your symptoms and the negative lab work? look up and do some reserch on whats called 'interstitial cystitis" i think that is the right spelling. my aunt has suffered for many years with IC and has had horrid low back and abdominal pain so bad she has had to be on morphine just to tolerate it. there was nothing wrong in any other areas when she went to get this nightmare diagnosed,so they finally looked at the bladder,and bingo,thats when they found it. this just 'could' possibly be what is going on with you. i would just research it and find out the exact symptoms then compare them to yours. if you really do see a possible connection,see your doc and ask him about it and test you for it just to see. they have now looked at just about everything BUT your bladder at this point,am i right? IC is basically a wearing away of the inner lining of the bladder. it does also cause bladder spasms as well. i just really think at this point,you need to take a good look at this condition to see if your symptoms match. sometimes when just trying to find a real solid Dx of something we are suffering from,we just have to take matters into our own hands(been there done that one to death myself). docs are just too busy and we can fall thru the little cracks in the system ya know? your ongoing symptoms just really do sound alot like my aunts did and are now too. just check into this and let me know what you think,K? good luck hon,and keep me posted. FB