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When you reseponded to this thread you mention Osteomyelitis or joint infection and the seriousness of the infection, my question is have you had or heard of someone who's had Osteomyelitis?

Why I ask you is that I had this a year ago and surgery was needed to remove my left collar bone and a rib along with scraping my sternum, and just today I had an MRI to see whats happening, and to find out why after a year I am still in pain from this, as well as the pain is now in my right collar bone area.

I'm on Neurontin for nerve pain, however it is only for nerve pain and I have some days where the bone pain is really hard to handle, I've tried most of the pain meds that my p.m. dr. can think to give me short of morphine....as I have bad reactions to these pain med.s and it takes all day to recover from taking half of one of these pain med.s.

If you have any ideas and information dealing with Ostemyelitis I would be so grateful as I've not met anyone on here yet who has had this or has lost bones due to this dreadful infection, oh, by the way my infection wasn;t the usual staph type infection associated with Osteomyelitis, instead it was a strep viridian, not the usual and quite unusual and rare is what I'm told by the dr.s

Thanks in advance for anything you have to say on this matter.