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A brief history first: lumbar fusion at L5 S1 in Dec. 2003, and 2 laminectomies since then, one in June 2004 and the other one in Oct. 2006.

A discogram in 2007 showed bulging discs at every level in my lumbar, and I saw a PM. He suggested either a spinal cord stimulator or a morphine pump. Both seemed so drastic that I declined and decided to wait. I'm 67 years old.

My problem now is that in the evening and at night my back and leg pain is so bad I can hardly stand up straight or walk. Then, it's the same in the morning when I first get up. It takes 45 minutes or so to "work itself out" and then I'm pretty good for the day unless there's prolonged standing or walking, etc. The leg pain is in both legs, but moreso in the left one.

My pain seemed not to be as bad as before, so I came to China to teach for a year. I'd been here before and wanted to do this one more time. Well, living in China isn't the easiest thing in the world, and now I find myself in pain far too much. Has anyone had a similar problem and what sounds like it's wrong?