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Hi Everyone
Just alittle update on mom since her fall a week ago. After the fall she was checked out the next day by her PCP and he said she was ok. Well, it turns out a couple days after she started to have very bad chills, shaking and lots of confusion and very low blood pressure. Then her Diabetic foot the one that has given her lots of problems opened up was all red and hot to the touch. So off to the Pcp he said she has a bad infection. Told us to get her admitted in the hospital asap. That was Tuesday night. Yesterday was a very bad for day for her. She was moved to ICU last night while I was there. She was in congestive heart failure, septic and kidney's were shutting down. I sat with her most of the night till they finally gave her a morphine injection and that helped calm her. I finally left and went home only to lay awake all night waiting for the phone to ring. When I finally did fall asleep and wake up and realized the phone never rang I felt a little relieved that she must be doing ok. Dad and I headed in first thing this morning to the hospital . Found her sitting up in bed and doing much better they have her stable.
They are working like crazy to get the infection under control two antibiotic Iv's. When I left tonight she was still holding her own. She has been through an awful lot I hope she has the strentgh to pull through this.
Tonight I should sleep better then I did last night knowing she is doing somewhat better. I will keep you all posted.

Love Pauline