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Can anybody advise. Been suffering from ruptured disc (L5S1) for approx 4 years, had discogram & epidural Nov 07, discecomy & spacers inserted May 07, pain free for approx 10 months, then after another mri, review discectomy Aug 08, pain relieved for approx 10 days, then agony again, given epidural Oct 07, only lasted approx 14 days, have now been put on waiting list for another epidural. My consultant won't even scan me again to see exactly what is going on, just keeps fobbing me off with the excuse ' a little bit of disc may have ruptured again, but will probably disolve', so why am I back to the pain I have been suffering for last few years with all the same symptoms and back to taking Gabapentin and Morphine again.

Does anybody think fusion would be a better option after 2 failed discecomy's?

Any advice suggestions would be much appreciated.