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:confused:can you help, I NOW HAVE PAIN IN BOTH ELBOWS ( ANY IDEAS WHY?) no swelling no rash no redness just severe pain in the joint on the top, (not on the inside of the elbow)this is after years of back problems and in chronic pain, taking much medication including morphine durogesic dtrans patches, fentanel lozenges, morphine sulphate etc
disc operated on in 1999, tail end of coccyx removed in 2007, under pain management clinic at hospital,

I had an operation because of discs bulging on L4/L5 L5/S1 and pressing in the sciatic nerve loss of bowel and bladder control lead to emergency discectomy. since than i have chronic pain in my back and bone spurs growing along the spine. last year i needed a op on my coccyx as i couldn't sit down. Most of my days i was bed ridden. i am on so many pain killers i rattle. Being doped up relieves my pain but my quality of life has gone. (I now have a Stomach ulcer caused by yrs of using declofenic, but no anti acid tablets we prescribed.)

To sleep i take muscle relaxing drugs and sleeping tablets, and quinine. I suffer with sciatica and have awful cramps. First thing in the morning i am pinned to my bed with my back seized and find it difficult to breath (with my chest raising up and down). Cant move without oral morphine, but now I am finding it unbearable to hold the bottle. The pain in my elbows and hands is always worse in the mornings along with my back as I have stiffened up over night. I have tried many treatments over the past 5 yrs on my back. Epidural injections, facet joint injections, gangleon block acupuncture physio etc all giving me little or no relief. I’m told surgery (fusion)is out of the question as my whole spine is affected I have degenitive disc disease, and bone spurs in my back, pressing on the nerve.(and scaring)
My new condition I did not relate to my thoracic spine but I was told that this might be the problem I have now. I have become very depressed ,mainly because I lost my job due to ill health after 16 happy years.does anyone know much about this problem (elbow pain), as i am going back to see the chronic pain specialist and it would be useful to go armed with some info.