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I feel your pain. I had my oldest sons tonsils/adenoids removed when he was 3, never thought I would survive that, but as you see, 11 years later, I am still alive and he is doing fine.
Poor little guy, you know he has to be miserable, it breaks my heart to see them that way.
I would call your docs answering service and ask if you can give him Motrin between Tylenol/Codeine doses.
Another trick I did was I wet a wash cloth and didn't wring it out completely and let him suck on the corner of it, that makes sure he still gets a little fluid in him, keeps his throat moistened and he doesn't have to swallow a large amount of liquid.
Hope this helps,
Thanks to both of you who responded already:

We made it through another night and although it was still difficult...it did seem a tiny bit better than the first night. I plan to call the dr. about the Motrin today as I have thought of that as well. However, I doubt he will give me the ok to do this as in all the "aftercare" paperwork it specifically says NOT to give your child any additional tylenol or Motrin in between...I thought this was odd as we are used the alternating thing whenever he was sick and the nurse at the hospital recovery area told me that some docs allow it after surgery and some dont. Apparently mine is one that doesnt for some reason. I really do like the doc so I assume he must have a reason. We continually woke him in the night about a half hour before he was due for the meds and tried to give them just a bit early last night to avoid him really feeling the pain again, thus not wanting to drink or take the meds. Maybe he is just now getting it that the meds make his throat feel better! Yes, we have tons of popsicles (every size shape and color) but he just isnt interested although I do and will keep trying. The washcloth idea is great and I will definately try that...perhaps I will try putting it in the freezer for a bit and than giving it to him. I did put ice cubes into his cup last night and he seemed to like it better colder!!! Soup...he hasnt really wanted either...the only thing he has showed interest is is eggs, so eggs it is!! The doc said nothing "hot" or even very warm so everthing has been cold thus far! Thanks for all your advice.........I will keep you all posted and am sure we will all live through this! Although right now it seems such a horrible thing!

Thanks again........keep the suggestions coming!
One thing I forgot to mention. The thing that usually makes them feel the best is hugs and kisses from mom, so give lots and lots of those until he is overdosed on them. LOL
I really do hope the doc lets you do the Motrin thing. Poor little guy. And hey, if he'll eat eggs, great, they're good for him. :)
Each day gets better than the one before. Hang in there.
Take care,
My daughter had her tonsils taken out last year when she was 3. After about a week she was up and doing her normal activities. We pushed the fluids, especially water and it took her about a week before she was drinking her usual amounts again. The only advice I can give is give him a lot of TLC, you can try cold ice compresses to the neck area, and give him the popsicles and ice cold drinks. As he tolerates, you can add food again ( jello, pudding, applesauce, bananas, etc. )

My Daughters ENT would not allow me to give her Motrin or Aspirin because of the risk of bleeding ( blood thinners ). He did put her on an antibiotic after surgery though as a preventitive measure.

For you, you may want to ask a friend or family member to come over and sit with him so you can get some sleep.

If he is in a lot of pain, all offices have after hours numbers that you can call and get some help for him.

Good Luck----just think of the benefits though, my daughter has had only one sinus infection, no strep throat or ear infections since July of last year.
the reason for no motrin is the possibilty of bleeding......does he like jello? thats a good source of fluids.......also use a syringe for the pain med and give a little at a time...the coughing and choking from the pain med makes the pain worse......also push the fluids about 1/2 hr to 45 min after the pain med...it will get better but be prepared for a slight return of the pain around the 5th or 6th day after the surgery....this is normal......you can give him room temperature fluids since some kids find the real cold drinks bothersome good luck
Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions!

It is now day 5!! I have tried variations of some of your suggestions! The slushy thing sounded great but...he wouldnt take it! Last night seemed to be the worst night thus far. I am thinking that it may have something to do with the scabs forming or whatever. I heard from a few people that the second week or end of the first week things can get worse for some kids due to the scabs etc. He also has the worst smell coming from his mouth at this point. I have also heard from the doctor this is normal and is actually a sign of healing. We have seen NO blood at all...which is also a good sign. He has had a low grade fever and is just generally in discomfort/pain and he thinks its in his ears (which I also know is common, referred pain). It just breaks my heart to see him in pain so much so often. We are still going through the cycles of him having 1-2 hours of good times approx. an hour after taking the tylenol (I have switched to regular tylenol during the day and the coedine at night for him per the nurse's suggestions that the coedine would work better this way), and than at the three to four hour mark he is obviously NOT feeling good again and its a fight to get him to take the meds. They wont allow Motrin nor will they give him any other pain meds....which I do understand but just am soooooooo exhausted and feeling sorry for him. I just really feel alone and these five days feel like 100 days in the house with barely being able to leave his side!!! My 10 year old is acting out as he feels neglected I am sure. I am considering calling my Mom to see if she can help with my 10 year old but my family isnt all that supportive unless I ask....I know I should ask right!!

Anyway, I am so tired right now that this probably doesnt make any sense and I am talking in circles! Sorry, just wanted to say thanks for everyones support and I do know this wont last forever.....it just feels that way now!!