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I'm going to start at the beginning here (it might be kind of long)....This past Sunday evening, my 5 year old son told me his neck was itchy so I looked and there are a few hives on the back of his neck and also on his collar bone. I put some Benadryl cream on them and he went to bed. When he woke up they were gone. Monday evening, he says the same thing...that his neck is itchy. I look and sure enough, there's a few hives again. Also a couple on his back this time. I put Benadryl cream on them again and the next morning (Tues) they are gone again. However, he woke up Tues morning throwing up. He was throwing up for a few hours and then was fine. No fever. Didn't want to eat but was able to hold down juice and water. About 5:00 pm I notice he's a little flushed and took his temp. It was 99.9. I didn't give him any Tylenol or Motrin because I don't consider that to be too high of a fever. Anyway...about 7 pm he tells me that is stomach is really itchy. I lift up his shirt and there are Hives EVERYWHERE! All over his back, neck, groin, underarms and a couple on his face. I decide to take him to the Urgent Care Clinic. As we are sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor, these hives start erupting all over his face. Then his arms, wrists, hands and even his feet. He's crying and complaining how itchy he his and I'm trying to get him to stop scratching. Anyway....the doctor tells me he has a virus and the hives aren't actually from the virus but they are from how is body is REACTING to the virus. Almost like he's allergic to the virus. They gave him some pregnisone and within the hour he was looking much better. They had also given him some Benadryl & Motrin earlier. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? The doctor said he's only seen it happen a few other times. If anyone has had this experience, I'm wondering if it's something that is going to happen often or if it was just a fluke thing. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to get all the facts out there so I could see if there's anyone with the same experience. Any help would be appreciated!
My 4 year old had it happen to her. She never really ran a high fever so I didn't think it was from the fever or the virus that was making her sick. I took her to the Ped and they gave us Benadryl and Motrin.. I had been giving her Motrin at home also.

She had it for a few days after she stopped throwing up and hasn't had it since. I always thought that it was from the virus. That is interesting how your body fights things. Good luck to your little one