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Hi. No, I've never tried giving antacids before. That's an idea. All I've ever done is give him Motrin or Tylenol. Right now I can't think of any other symptoms he has. His pain is located right under his belly button. Sometimes a little above belly button as well. Sometimes I wonder if it is left over from his inguenal hernia operation...maybe he's developed something related to that...

Also, what are other symptoms of food allergies besides stomach ache (so I'll know what to be looking for). Excluding rashes, etc...

He doesn't seem to be under any stress or anxiety. He's a normal child. Happy most all the time. He's plays w/friends and at home w/siblings. Sometimes he has a stomach ache which will limit his activity level. The other day when it was hurting quite a bit, he said his stomach hurt worse when he yelled. I don't understand. I don't think he is making this up. It's been going on for too long off and on. And, to me, the fact that it happens even during his free (fun) time with friends solidifies that he is telling the truth.

That's a good idea about getting him involved with the chart too. I think that is a must! Also, I can't really keep up with what he eats while at a friends house, so he'll have to help me with some of it anyway. I'm hoping he'll get in the habit of taking the initiative every time after he eats to write it down. But I'll help him. He doesn't say that any particular food makes his stomach hurt.

Thank you all so very much!!