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And I really need to get some venting out about my kids' new doctor.

A month ago, my kids' doctor moved to a different practice, and his patients were bumped to a different doctor in the office. The only other actual doctor there that treats kids (they have PN's that do, but the other docs in the office only see adults). I noticed when my baby needed his shots that this guy was really snippy with my daughter-who is 2. Telling her if she couldn't be quiet he would make her sit in the hall (she said "look mommy" and showed me something). I brushed it off as a bad day for him. Then Wednesday last week, my son started having severe chills and night sweats real bad. I thought he was coming down with the flu. Friday, he had the same symptoms-but he also developed canker soars in his mouth. By monday, he was absolutely miserable-despite increasing his water intake, motrin, and ambesol, he was still in pain and didn't want to eat-and he had lost at least 3 pounds. He looked very rough. The only thing he would drink was water. So I made an apointment for the docs. I got there 10 minutes early and checked in. 50 minutes later, we were still sitting and waiting. My son has Severe disabling ADHD, and even when he's sick- its still very hard to keep him still (or quiet). And my 2 year old likes to giggle. After 45-50 minutes of waiting, the nurse informed me that the doctor wanted my kids to be quiet (they weren't yelling or crying-just giggling and playing with a wagon and blocks-and a couple time my daughter asked for a drink). Another 10 minutes goes by, and they finally got us back to a room-telling us the doctor would be in in a few minutes. 20-25 minutes go by-and the doc finally shows his face. He looked in my sons mouth, prescribed a mouth rinse, and sent us on our way, saying "bring him back Thursday if it isn't better". He didn't check his throat, feel his lymph nodes, ask him where he hurt, nothing! Then last night- 5 1/2 hours after our doc. visit-my son has a breathing attack. I was at the grocery store, and husband was baffled as to what to do (I've always been there before when it's happened). His inhaler wouldn't help him. I ended up at the hospital with him, where they treated him for asthma ( a shot and two breathing treatments). They kept saying how bad he was wheezing. I am just so mad. I know asthma attacks can strike suddenly- but I can't help but think the doc should have checked my son over better. They know-it would have been in his file about his breathing attacks. They know they get worse from July/August to November/December. I am just sooooo unhappy with this doctor. My husband says I can't transfer them to the old doctor- because the practice he's at is about 30-35 miles away. But he would have checked my son better. And he doesn't act so anal about kids talking and laughing. And he has never made us wait that long-just because he wanted to squeeze more clients in-make an extra buck. I guess I'm mad at myself too, because I knew he didn't feel well, and I left him to get groceries anyways....but I had to go, because I also had to get his perscription filled (hubby wouldn't, because he said he didn't need it).

Would you switch docs? I am just at a loss of what to do. But I know I really am not to keen of that new doc.

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