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HI! There is nothing wrong with your son. He is perfectly normal and healthy! My oldest 2 children are both boys. My oldest is now 10 and when he was about 2 he went through the same thing. Him being my first child, I was quite freaked out. The leg pains, the screaming from the pain, waking in the middle of the night, fevers...I took him to the doc and she said not to worry. Still freaked out months later she sent him to the childrens hospital for xrays, ultrasounds and to see a specialist. As it turns out she was right...there's nothing to worry about...all it was (and still is) growing pains. Doctors swear there is no such thing. But there is. If your child is growing fast he/she will have the pains. My son is 10 now and is almost 5' tall. He just turned 10 I might add. My 6 year old son just started having these pains. He's half a head shorter than my 10 year old.

This is what I did to help my son: I would give him some tylenol or motrin for children and I would hold him and talk to him and rub his leg where it hurt. Sometimes I would help him "stretch" out the leg that was hurting. The specialist said that these pains are ofter like "charlie horses" or cramping of the muscle. They will get better in time. As your son goes through growth spurts the pains will be worse than other times. Time...and paitence...everything will be fine!