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The Dr. did mention an x-ray but he did not want him to have one unless it was a last resort because of the radiation. He said he will have plenty in his lifetime so he would wait another week to see if improves with laxative. His belly aches are really bad he curls up in floor and cries. Even in the middle of the night he wakes me because he is crying and moaning in his sleep. I wnat to cry thinking about it. I looked and looked on the internet trying to find something that matches his symptoms. Also they told me to continue rotating tylenol and motrin for his fever. I've heard bad things about continous use of ancetaminophens. I tried to leave the fever alone one night hoping ot would go away but thats when he woke up with 105.8 fever. Needless to say I will never let it go again. I think there is an infection somewhere in in his stomach or bowels. I don't have any idea what test that are available. They did a CBC, Mono, Blood Chemistry, Urinanalysis, Strep, Strep Culture and a Urine Culture. All these showed up negative. You think that maybe there is a test that could be ran that could give an answer?