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I agree with the other poster also, except giving him Tylonol...it is not an anti inflamatory but Mortin is. So please use Motrin. He didn't have tunnel vision did he? His speech is ok? Definitly wake him up a few times during the night to just make sure he is aware of his name or your presence. Good luck. Kids have really hard heads. Keep us posted on how he's doing.
I hope your evening was uneventful and things are still going okay.I just wanted to mention to you and to the poster who mentioned using motrin?using ANY type of anti inflammitory after a head injury is definitely contraindicated as it induces bleeding.It contains blood thinning properties just like aspirin,only not quite as profound.you can use it after the first 24-48 hours if there are no further signs of bleeding.Tylenol would be the med of choice immediately following a head injury of any sort.Just an FYI.Hope all is well,Marcia
thanks all he slept well and went to school
i did give him motrin but now i know in the future