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[FONT=Times New Roman]First of all, hang in there and trust your instincts. I have to agree with previous posts about the possibility of lupus. I have recently been diagnosed with lupus and probably had it since I was an older child. It can be "dormant", or something can trigger the symptoms and create a major flair-up. I've had periods of time when I have felt wonderful and times that were very painful. Not everyone with lupus has the extreme symptoms you might read about. Many people with lupus live normal lives and don't have many problems.

I think you should ask your doc to take the "rule out" approach to diagnisis. Tests like the ANA and the ESL (sed rate) can fluctuate, which makes it difficult to be definite. Sometimes it can be helpful to take the approach where you think "this could not be lupus because.....". The treatment for lupus is usually a steroid like Prednisone along with anti-inflammatories like Naproxyn or Motrin. Children can have very strange reactions (emotional) to taking Prednisone so it has to be carefully monitored. I think your regular doctor would be wise to send you to a rheumatologist. They can really zero in on a wide variety of possibilities. Rheumatoid arthritis is also an auto-immune disease like lupus, with some common symptoms. Whatever it is, I believe you will get better care and help from a rheumatologist over an ER or a hospital of guessing doctors.

As far as the leukemia question, it really doesn't sound as likely as other things do. Seems to me like the white blood count would make leukemia obvious after this much time.

One more thing, if your son is not having these symptoms at the time of your appt with the rheumatologist, you might want to ask them if their scheduling would allow you to call ahead and bring him back on a day when he is having obvious symptoms. I know this helped me to get diagnosed. Kids have a funny way of making their symptoms go away in time for doctor's appts and hospital visits ;) .

Trust your instincts. You will never be criticized for loving your child and wanting answers!

Post back with an update if you can.